Frame in that TV

Who gets excited for a mantel makeover?
Our fireplace has a huge cubby for the TV above. It looked like this when I built in the TV the first time around – only 15 weeks ago.

SOMEBODY at our house went a little crazy on Cyber Monday….
and it wasn’t me. (Isn’t my hubby just cute!)
We’ve had electronics boxes arriving all week. Not all that exciting to me (although, I have a pretty good idea about what Santa will bring me). But when the TV arrived – it seemed very huge and I got really excited. Not because I watch a lot of TV but – this meant I would get to take down what I just put up around the old television. So for the few days we all had to walk around the monster TV box – I came up with a whole different look for our TV space.
Here is what I started with.
This cubby was made to hold the “1000 lb” old fashion units.
I bought 1×8 pine. I’m not going to miter cut the corners because my saw blade is only 6 inches and it never works out great when I try.
So all the more simple this project will be. 4 straight pieces of pine.
I am planning to stain the wood but I want to get it up soon so here is a short cut tip so you don’t have to do any edging with stain. Spray the edges in flat black spray paint before applying – it dries in 10 minutes. Much faster than stain.
Apply the top and bottom first making sure they are level.
Above the top 1×8 there was almost 4 inches of the white molding showing so I nailed in a 1×4 with my favorite tool – my nail gun.
I don’t even know what to call these but they are a little wooden accent found in the section for railings at the big home stores.
I put one on each top end.
Brush on stain and be sure to wipe the excess.
I would paint the inside of the cubby whole black if this were my house but we are renting. I like the dark wood in this light room.
I am going to decorate this lovely new mantel/framed TV tomorrow.
View that post here.
I am making a new kind of winter garland for it right now! 🙂

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