"Welcome to the Porch" Sign

I love having a porch to welcome friends.
So I made a special sign saying so.

I took an old table top that I had laying around and printed
words on sticky vinyl with my Cricut.
Placed them along the black painted wood.
Sprayed with a gray primer because I like the color.
I took a long paint edger and glided it along the surface
while the paint was still wet.
Let it dry that way.
I removed the sticky vinyl words.
Gave it a good run over with the hand sander and 120 grit paper.
This is such a simple way to make word signs.
The space between the bench and star needed something.
Welcome Friends!
(relatives by appointment)
I gave my sister a sign that said that once – all of our family lives near her so they all laugh.
(even though she is serious – lol)
You can view the whole Christmas Porch by clicking here.
If you like the star it was easy to make – I show you how here.