Simply Handcrafted Tree Star ~ Christmas Tree 2012

The tree is up and the lights work…

Our 2012 Christmas Tree.
As some of you know – we recently moved into this house…
it’s not a permanent residence for us and our Christmas decor is packed all tight and nice.
I dreaded unpacking all of our traditional Christmas decorations and repacking them up again.
So I made and purchased our tree accessories for this year. 
I am featuring the rustic tree topper in this post.
It is big, made of natural wood and makes our tree unique.
It was simple to make – I will show you how I quickly put it together:
The star is made with 2×4’s cut into (6) 11&1/2 inch pieces.
This will make two stars…
~One can be a gift and one can be for you!~ 🙂
Cut the 11 1/2 inch 2/4’s into quarters. I used my miter saw and table saw
(cut length wise and width wise).
I made a five point star with two 11-1/2 inch x 1-1/4 inch (approx.)
wood pieces per point (10 qty – you will have some left over).
Nail them together at each meeting point just once so it will move into a good star shape for you.
I used my nail gun and an air compressor for this task.
Once I moved the star into the shape I liked best-
I nailed each point two more times each so it would not be flexible anymore.
Then I used a hand sander to get rid of the wood “boogies”.
I painted one white with a sponge brush in an uneven sort of way.
Once the white paint was dry I used some ebony stain on the edges.
Let the stain sit on the edges for a few minutes to soak into the raw wood.
Then brush more stain over the white painted areas and use baby oil and an old t-shirt to spread the stain around so it is “blended” and “glazed” looking.
This is a great technique for “aging” wood projects.
I placed the wooden star ornament on top of the tree and used green craft wire to secure it there.
The 2012 tree also features my handmade Shabby Twinkle Garland.
Vine garland and silver ornaments. I especially like the JOY ornaments.
I miss all of our homemade ornaments from our kids from previous years.
I draped burlap around the bottom for an inexpensive, natural skirt.
The colors are neutral and the star is rustic. 
It fits this highly visible corner nicely for us to enjoy all season long.
You can see more Christmas crafts Here.


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Love love love your tree and that star is awesome!!

Dixie n Dottie

This is super creative! Love your tree! Would also love if you'd join our Countdown to Christmas link party! Hope to see you there! Have a great week! :)

Jennie Larsen

I love love LOVE IT! I shared your star on my COM-FB page. Have a great day. Hugs, jen

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion

Oh that looks great, approximately how big is it?

Terry and Danella

Holly, as usual… I lOvE it!!! You are so GOOD at creating such fUn things! I started a new blog…it's This links to my old one. Keep on creating! danella


I love the star and the tree. . .I love it all… I made a star awhile ago using paint stir sticks. I get a few everytime I buy paint for a project, so I decided to put them to use. I didn't do anything buy paint them. . . when I saw your post I thought yours was the same thing. . .I love your design. . . Happy Holly~days.

Denise Sabia

so cute!

mia james

What a big star you have made. It's very clever and creative. I'm also curious how you manage to keep it in place and not topple. Over all it's a gorgeous tree.web design Australia

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic

Love the star you made! How did you manage to keep it up and not topple over under the weight? I especially love the burlap garland, so pretty.~Shanon

Lovely!! I think rustic and homemade is so much more in keeping with the spirit of he holiday.

Ali Richardson

Looks gorgeous! I love that rustic star!!


Holly, that's some star you got there! So original! Beautiful Christmas tree! 🙂


Love it and love the tree. Just beautiful. Cynthia


I love the simply star. So many times the simpler things are the best. I love your inspiration.

Shabby chic Sandy

Your tree is just beautiful and I love that star! I'm going to pin it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


I love it! The over sized star really gives it extra charm too. It fits your signature look as well. Love your neutral colors and the ruffled garland you made.

Eclectically Vintage

Holly!I'm seeing stars – it's so amazing and what a fabulous focal point to your gorgeous tree!Pinning this beauty!Kelly

Heaven's Walk

Great job, Holly! You used alot of creativity to complete your pretty tree and it turned out beautifully! Love your star! :)xoxo laurie

Heaven's Walk

Great job, Holly! You used alot of creativity to complete your pretty tree and it turned out beautifully! Love your star! :)xoxo laurie

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity

I love the star you made – it draws your eye up to the top of the tree and is so simple and homespun. The perfect finishing touch.

blesid thrifter

I am so glad you shared your baby oil secret! Yea! And here I thought that was just for when I want to amp up my sun tanning. Very clever!I need a big star for my wall, don't you think? I always have stars at the tops of our trees. My mom always had an angel. Now I'm curious about what motivates people to put a star or an angel. I'm not a fan of decor with faces… that's why I end up in the \”star\” side. Nevertheless, great job as usual. Love the tree and those JOY ornaments!!! jules


Your tree is beautiful Holly! I love the big star tree topper. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Gail

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

I love that big star tree-topper. It really makes a statement and I love the finish you gave it!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

Your tree is lovely and the star is a great piece. I love stars all year , but especially at Christmas.

Stephanie Ruby Feldman

Loved it! This year, like the last three is spent in yet another temporary home, and smaller than the last; I too dreaded digging out and in a way putting up Christmas decor from the past, so bought all new….on a smaller scale… but unlike you I gave away all the old items from Christmases past to our oldest daughter and donated what was left and ran with the small scale theme…also it will be easy to pack up and store in my closet. I bought a small looking natural tree with pinecones and berries on it, and will add… Read more »


Grasscycling wonderful! beautiful blog! Your fan from the beginning .. Greetings from 'Italy!