New Sofa Slipcover

I finally got a new slip cover for my huge “Bertha” sofa.
Remember this sofa with the PB white drop cloth cover? The white was fine for the living room. Nobody really spent time in here except me.

Under that white cloth was this….
I purchased this sofa from a friend of a friend who was moving.
I knew it was a good quality couch because I knew where the previous owner got it.
(just so happens to be one of my favorite stores – Madison Furniture Barn)
I knew I would replace the blue.
Her name is Bertha – for real.
She made the move to Virginia (the movers were dying from the weight of her).
I slipped the white cloth back on her but my family would not sit on it.
They were afraid of the white – gets dirty way easy (with boys especially).
So I finally placed my order (by phone) just over two weeks ago and got it in the mail yesterday!!!
I purchased this slip from the original seller Madison Furniture Barn in Westbrook, CT.
They were FAST!
The fabric is a neutral linen color. I’m in love with her.
It’s the biggest sofa ever and so comfortable.
With my order came four throw pillow covers. I chose a fabric that I am familiar with – Document Print.
The chocolate script on the pillows goes well with the other sofa and chair.
I had each pillow piped in chocolate, too.
So I had to rearrange the whole room.

I am so happy with the color.
Now, for a nap on my Bertha sofa.