Shabby Twinkle Garland

I made a cute garland that can go on my fireplace mantel or a Christmas tree.

All I used was a white cord twinkle light set and muslin fabric.

Let me show you how….

I used muslin fabric. 1 yard to 10 ft of twinkle lights.
The fabric comes folded in half. Keep it that way and snip with scissors at 1″ to 1 1/2″.
Rip at the snip into strips. Then cut each strip into 4th’s.
Each piece will be about 6 inches.

Fold the 6 inch strips in half – making a U shape. Wrap the U around the light strand.
Fold the cut ends into the U center around the cord – making a knot.

Tighten the knot of fabric around the light cord.
Keep them all snug together all the way down the stretch of lights.

Twist the “tails” of the knots around so they are every which way.

So versatile and pretty. I can use this all year around.

I can use this on my mantel for the holidays….

or on the little Christmas trees.

For the mantel I used little hooks to anchor the strand of garland and hung a little tree charm on each end.
(the tree charms are from Kirkland’s for $3.99 each)

The window in front of my fireplace was my headboard at my other house.
I don’t have a basement to store it so one day it ended up here….

I was going to make this garland with ivory burlap but I remembered how messy that was to work with on my  Favorite Burlap Wreaths. Muslin was easier and faster.

When I get my Christmas tree up – I am going to display my homemade garland there.

Or…keep it here.

You can view Homemade Winter Garland Here.
If you are looking for more holiday inspiration Go Here.

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27 Replies to “Shabby Twinkle Garland”

  1. Holly,What a cute idea:) You are so far ahead of me, I didn't even decorate for Halloween and you already on to Christmas. Love it!!

  2. Love this look, fabulous on the mantel! I'm kinda loving it also because it could carry one through the (dark) winter, which always cries for some sort of light – perfect. Yes, I believe I've just talked myself into making one!!! Thanks for the tutorial … Mary

  3. I want to use this on my mantel. I love this idea, especially the ability to change the look with different materials.Thanks Holly.Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  4. YOU, my friend, as usual… have come up with yet another FUN idea! I love your stuff…AND your blog. I love how SIMPLE and inexpensive your ideas are…makes them attainable! Thank you!! danella

  5. Oh…How beautiful! I love the creamy muslin. Years ago I made a similar garland using red and green plaid 100% cotton homespun. I haven't pulled it out in a few years and seeing yours reminds me to display it once again.Thank you for your gorgeous post!Blessings,Carolynn

  6. so pretty! I thought it was tulle in the thumbnail. I really like the muslin. I'm trying to get more creaminess into my Christmas stuff…might have to include this. thanks!Kelly

  7. Hi Holly I used your idea but since I didn't have enuf muslin I decided to use some silver and copper lame fabric have had for years. Had just one yard of each so tore 1 1/2\” wide strips then measured 6\” strips and cut them using my pinking shears since that fabric ravels like crazy. Had a 50 light white light string so tied on a few strips alternating colors. It turned out so pretty and sparkling with the silver and copper fabric. I love it and was worth tearing strips then cutting smaller ones using the pinking shears. Just tied them on the light string and had a pretty garland for our partial wall between the kitchen and living room. Don't think anybody else will have one like it and it really perks up the decorations and l/r. So glad I found your blog and this project. I made do with what I had and love how it turned out. Don't think I've spent $5 this year for decos, using all things we had to remake some things and it's been so much more relaxed than usual. Aaahhh, it's been alot more fun.

  8. Holly. I don't have the readership you do and never will, but I blogged today about my version of this garland and gave you all the credit 🙂 I linked back to your blog as well. Again, thanks for the inspiration.

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