An Alternative to Expensive Topiaries

Topiaries are one of my favorite plant styles.
Keeping a real one alive has been a huge challenge for me.
The good looking “fake” or preserved topiary plants can be very “pricey”.
So here is my alternative to a similar look…naturally.

Right now, garden centers have nursery items on clearance.
I snatched up two of these Leland Cypress trees at Home Depot for under $7 each.
This couldn’t be easier…
All you blogger/crafters have these items around – I know you do.
Burlap and twine? Sure – Vine ribbon is optional.
Lay out your burlap (mine is garden fabric so it was really cheap) and cut your fabric where it will cover your tree bucket loosely.
I am using two layers of fabric for each tree because this particular roll of burlap is very thin. I am leaving the label on the bucket so that when I am ready to plant them in my yard, I will know how much sun, etc. they need. I have used Arborvitae for this same project – they don’t get as big as a Cypress but a Cypress is a pretty slow grower. They get quite large in time so make sure you have a place in mind for future planting when you choose your tree species.
So – place the tree in the center of your cut fabric and bring the fabric up to hug the base of your tree. Tie the twine around the burlap at the base of the tree above the bucket to hold your fabric in place.
Then arrange the burlap so it looks like a loose sack.
I then used my vine ribbon to add an extra natural element to my decorative trees.
You don’t have to.
They are rustic and natural!
Plus, I can reuse these pretty trees in my landscape next year.
I still love topiaries but these are more practical and serve the same purpose.
I am getting ready for winter….and the holidays. I can add twinkle lights to my new cypress accents for a bright and welcome entrance to my lovely porch.
Hurry in to your garden store before these beauties are all gone.
(the corn stalks and pumpkins have got to go….another porch pot idea coming soon)
AND….CONGRATULATIONS to President Obama!

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Loving your Down to Earth Style. I can't wait to see what you're going to do next.

reFresh reStyle

I can't wait to do this!!! Love them 🙂

blesid thrifter

Great money saving tip, Holly! AND good for the yard as well. Yea!!! I want to ask you what you think of spray painting pumpkins and using them for Christmas decor. I've never done it; sort of on the fence about it. Let me know what you think… as the author of my favorite blog I need your opinion!!!

Leslie Harris

I agree, it's more practical this time of year and the way you wrapped it, it looks lovely. I like that vine ribbon.Leslie (aka gwen moss)


did you buy your vine ribbon this year? I can't seem to find it online, anywhere. Would appreciate your help. I love it.Janet from Spokane, WA


Hi Holly! I don't know how to comment without being Anonymous, but do you know how to \”pin\” this to Pinterest? I love your idea and have done something similar in the past…yours looks SO much better. Love your blog…Carla


It looks great, I just love the look of green in winter. I am hoping to pick up some small live trees to bring in the house for that fresh cedar sent. I don't always get the chance to pop over and say so, but I wanted to let you know, you home is looking just lovely with all of your touches.


I totally love this idea! Very natural and a lot of bang for your buck. Guess I'll have to make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes this weekend….LOL. You always inspire me with your ideas!

Amy Kinser

Love them! I have been thinking about doing this for Christmas and bringing them inside beside the fireplace. I have a couple of really pretty aged urns outside that I would use for them inside.Thanks for sharing.

Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

This is fantastic! I wonder if there are any left in the garden stores here in Massachusetts. Thank you for the inspiration!Angela

Blondie's Journal

What a great idea, Holly! I love finding alternatives to expensive displays. You really did a great job…I have tons of burlap and twine. Hmmmm…Have a great day! :)XO,Jane

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting

Holly I LOVE this idea!! Think I'm going to be a copy cat:)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

oh i love those! i am going to have to pick up a couple for my porch!


What a cute and clever idea Holly!