Aging Metal

A few weeks ago I ordered some brass darkening solution
for my shiny brass door knobs.
It didn’t work on my door handles because they were sealed with lacquer.

So I tried it on these new metal buckets I purchased at Target for $2.50 each.
I applied the watery solution to the metal with a sponge brush.
It only took a few minutes to turn darker.
See the difference?
I looked for this stuff at the hardware store but ended up ordering it on Amazon.
I filled the bucket with brown string lights and pine cones.
I’m getting ready to decorate my porch….(so sick of pumpkins about now).
In time, I know the weather would do this to my shiny buckets but…
since I want quick results – this brass darkening solution worked much better.

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16 Replies to “Aging Metal”

  1. How cute Holly! I love the results of your method of aging metal. I've aged metal with Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner and have good results with that. I'm ready for a change too and I'm working on some Christmas projects now. Hope you are having a wonderful day, Gail

  2. Thanks for the info, Holly. I have some containers like this that I used to plant flowers in and I had wished they were a little darker and beat up looking! lol! This looks just like what I need for next spring!XO,Jane

  3. love it!SO wish I had this info before my wedding… we used galvanized buckets to hold mason jars of water, however i had one looking aged and one looking new 🙁 ah well.xo –

  4. Holly,This wonderful post came just in time! I love the look of your bucket…and the pinecones and sparkly lights. I just ordered a big metal tub and want to give it a little age!YEA! Now I know how!

  5. I love the look that achieved. Your pine cones and lights are the perfect touch. I too have collected pine cones on my walks and am using them through the house for fall.

  6. OH I must get my hands on some of that stuff! I have plenty of those tins that could use some aging. Thanks for the tips!

  7. . Any idea what the manufacturer on these tubs are? I looked for them at Target and had found one and I gave it away in a gift basket, but I was hoping to see if by chance it has a sticker on the bottom with another name for distributor and if you could measure for the dimensions so I can order the same size from online somewhere . I'm crossing my fingers they'll come back in season again this spring.

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