Candles for Comfort

My kids are home from school today due to hurricane Sandy.
We are having a regular rainy day here but hopefully all around the east coast – everybody is doing well.
Yesterday we prepared for the storm by gathering all our flashlights and candles just in case we lose power.

Since I lit the candles I wanted to show you…
I cut twigs and holly leaves from our yard to place around the candles.
The cedar scented candle is wrapped in newspaper print tissue then
brushed with Mod Podge.
Stenciled Welcome in Sharpie (it is placed in the foyer).
Then wrapped in vine ribbon and thin twine.
A pretty, simple and natural display in case of an emergency.
Candles for Comfort.

19 Replies to “Candles for Comfort”

  1. what a warm and welcoming sight for any visitors arriving, family coming home or even for those already there.. I really like it and while mine will be much simpler, I appreciate the reminder to gather some containers and candles and get better prepared. Here in NC, the wind is really starting to howl and trees that leaves had just changed this past week are now almost bare..

  2. You even have pretty emergency candles! It is a great idea to gather them. Hope all in the path are well. We have been following the storm because we are already experiencing some rains and wind here in southern Ontario that is expected to worsen overnight as Sandy makes landfall on our neighbors to the south.

  3. Holly, I'm glad to know you guys are all safe. And you're still managing to find beauty in all situations, smile.I'm sending you sunny prayers from here in CaliforniaLeslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  4. We in Norway are holding our breath and crossing our fingers for you on the east coast of USA. I do hope all goes well. Thank you for wonderful inspiration, I will certainly try to make this. Stay safe. Kari

  5. Your candle is so pretty, Holly! The tissue paper is great…where do you find that?I hope you and your family are safe and cozy. We are all thinking of you.XO,Jane

  6. Beautiful! I just did a similar project too, hope you'll do me the honor of visiting my blog to check it out! ;) love how you wrote welcome on it with a sharpie. Great idea!!

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