Fall Curb Appeal

What a beautiful day to work in the yard.

I picked weeds, edged the lawn and brought out my garden bench.

I planted cabbage, pansies and mums.

Topped an empty pot with a pumpkin….

Wrapped the yard lantern in vine ribbon and used anΒ 
existing screw to hang a bird feeder.

I need lots of candles for the Trick-or-Treaters.

I found our freaky spider.
(he is so scary)
A small vine wreath around the porch post.
I hung the lanterns from rope.
Even though this is our rental home, I like to take pride of place and make it my own.

21 Replies to “Fall Curb Appeal”

  1. Love all the decor, and what a nice front porch you have to work with. I have never had a trick-or-treater in the 25 years I have lived in our house. Guess I have saved a lot of money on candy:)

  2. It looks so homey and beautiful. You have a great sized porch. Mine is sadly, tiny and won't hold much more than a bench. Your yard also looks beautiful!

  3. Your home is gorgeous! Good job with the planting and with the fall decorating, you're an artist! Mary

  4. Can't choose what I love best… the pumpkin in the pot {with grapevine wreath!} or the pumpkin wrapped in wire! Your yard is so welcoming… trick or treat! xox

  5. Hi Holly. Love all your enchanting fall decor. Your home is so beautiful! Thanks for such great inspiration. I need it! xo's Pam

  6. Your house looks so charming with all of the Fall decor and the front porch. Your yard is so well manicured too! This is such a pretty time of year. I'm sure you will be enjoying your first Fall in your new home.

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