Shoe Storage in the Foyer

I have twin boys that are 9 years old. They are in and out of the house all day long.
Easy, convenient shoe storage is a must.

I keep an old wooden box in this corner of the foyer for shoes. I added wheels to it so it is off the floor and can be moved around easily.
But this corner looks very BLAH!
So today I took down my Target art from about 13 years ago (it was doing nothing for this wall space). I purchased this table runner made from natural twigs at Target yesterday for $14.99. So I hung it up on the wall above the shoe box.
I then added a mirror trio on top of it.
This little black box opposite the shoes is an old potato bin that I found at an Antique Shop near my home. Any kind of storage is great in this area. Soon I will be looking for places to hold hats and gloves.
Our home has a “lived in” look and feel to it – so I don’t mind seeing our worn shoes.
Recycled storage and natural elements in the home….my kind of style.
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Leave it to you to make an old box full of shoes look like decor 🙂

Great storage for the shoes by the door…and I love the way you hung the plates against the backdrop of great texture!…

I have the SAME exact space by my front door and it's where my shoe bin sits also. I love the look of the runner with mirrors – now you have me looking at my own small wall (that I never thought twice about before!) thinking that I need to dress it up!

Great idea! I love the old wooden box you found, I am always on the look out for those. Love it!~Shanon

I really like the idea of an old crate for shoes! Goes well with your theme – love your ideas!

Very practical, and the wall art makes it pretty, too. My kids are all grown, but I despise wearing shoes, I have a pile by the front door, a pile by the back door, a pile by the door to the deck——guess I need to get a few crates!

I like your shoe storage. We don't wear shoes in the house so storage is an issue. My daughter always complains she has no shoes but then within a couple days just she has left 4 or 5 pairs by the door! Your box is a great idea.

Cute! The little mirrors you hung on it are adorable!=)Brooke

That is a great way to corral shoes. Love the rustic wood too.

I think the picture of the shoes in the old crate is just precious! That will be a memory someday!Judy

Good idea! Love the old crate! My husband has an identical twin so that was cool reading that you have twin boys. Such fun!

Perfect execution, as usual! I love the idea of taking our shoes off while in the house. Growing up we ALWAYS did that; and I hear it keeps your house a lot cleaner! I need to start training my kids this winter to take off their shoes!!! If I had a gorgeous space like yours maybe they would be more likely to follow directions. That's a BIG maybe…. 🙂 Time for me to track down a fabulous shoe bin… and maybe I can get the hubs to put it on wheels, too! Have a great week! Jules

I love this, Holly! I saw your post title on another blog and had to pop over. I always wonder what others do to corral the shoes piled up at the door! This is perfect and the runner hung on the wall with mirrors becomes a focal point rather than to crate of shoes. I use large baskets and I'm trying to get my girls to weed out their flip flops and summer shoes to make room for the boots. I may need a really BIG basket for those! ;-DYou have a wonderful blog…I'm a follower now!XO,Jane

I think that's a good idea. We keep all of our shoes on the landing of the steps leading to our garage. It's not very pretty to look at, but it serves a purpose I guess. I like how you have yours corralled all together to keep them out of the way. It seems I'm always having to clear shoes off my floor!

What a great idea! Killing two (or three perhaps) birds with one stone.Brenda