Natural Fall Table Runner

Our breakfast nook is visible from our foyer. 
It isn’t always very pretty because this table gets used a lot.
(homework, crafts, entertaining, paper airplane making….)
The table was once a workbench in my garage.

 Today, the table looks pretty so I will share it with you.
The Burlap Window Panels got me started on more Fall Decor.

Pine cones, real mini pumpkins, votive candles in recycled jars lay on top of 1X6 pine.
The random number eight is an address number from the hardware store.
I updated my light fixture – that post is coming soon. 
(I made the Burlap Lamp Shades last year)
There is even some left over moss stuck to some of the burlap from the storage box it was in all year.

Happy October Sunday!