Shabby Guest Bath

My sister and nephew are here this week.

We have a small bathroom up in the finished attic that is perfect for our guests.
Here is how I made it look like a part of our home.
I only purchased the shower curtain from Target for $20 and a small rug for $14.
The sheers on either side of the shower add a little flowing elegance.
They are hung with garden hooks.
The one by the toilette is tied back with another garden hook.
There isn’t a lot of room for a towel bar in this small space. I hung a hook with a decorative frame around it on the small wall near the shower.
More towels are rolled up here in a basket.
 I collected some painted white frames for a wall collage.
An IKEA bucket hangs from an old screen door handle and twine then filled with bath necessities.
On the counter are Q-tips in a shot glass wrapped in twine.
The attic is also our playroom so the boys use this space a lot. I added a little personal touch for them too.
Some photos in white tin tile frames.
A wreath on the door is a trick I love to do to add charm.
A little white metal star sits upon the mirror frame under the light fixture.
There is a little guy staying with us so the foot stool is stored next to the sink especially for him.
Welcome Guests!
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34 Replies to “Shabby Guest Bath”

  1. I love it! I particularly like the empty frames above the toilet and the beautiful shower curtain. It's so soft and \”shabby\” looking. You really gave that space some style!

  2. You homeied that up in your usual way. Pretty clever about the sheers by the shower curtain too. I have to remember that.~Bliss~

  3. Love your attic bathroom. Thought I would let ya know that I ahve spotlighted ya on my blog. I just love yours and have a little \”Blog Envy\”. :O) Come on over and check out my

  4. I just found your blog through pinterest….and I am so so glad I did !! You have great ideas, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!Brooke Startathome.blogspot.comPS thank you for pinning my kitchen Table!!

  5. Oh Holly, I LOVE this shabby guest bathroom! I'm pinning this!! I have one bathroom left to make-over and some of your touches/ideas would be perfect for what I have in mind for our guest bathroom make-over. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Gail

  6. That's your guest bath? Ok when can I visit? :DLove the gallery of frames and the sheers/garden hooks are so pretty!

  7. I love it! So many special touches ~I really like the sheers hung near the shower curtain and the frame collage. I like to hang wreaths on the doors inside too. :)Pat

  8. Such a wonderful space Holly. My favorite part are the frames on the wall. I am still working on our half bath. I need to kick the puppy out of there so I can finish it. Hope your week is going well.

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