A Wine Bottle for Dish Soap

I have a brother who makes his own wine.
His labels are always really cool so I hold on to his wine bottles when I am lucky enough to get one.
This particular label has a floor plan of a home to be built for him and his wife.

The little caddie was a Target clearance find that came with a plant trio. I bent the handle to the side to fit my bottle in the center.
The wine cork used to be a Mickey Mouse head but over time he lost his ears.
Our sink has a hand soap dispenser built in.
Since I buy our dish soap in bulk – there is no way I am going to store a large plastic container on my counter top. This is convenient and pretty.
Recycling bottles…..smart and beautiful!
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cute… where did you get the sign on your mantle?


Too cute! I would have NEVER guessed that cork used to be Mickey Mouse head. So nice NOT to see a bottle of Dawn or w/e near a sink. MUST try this!

Junky Vagabond

So clever! I love how you repurposed a plant caddy, a wine bottle, and a mickey mouse stopper and made a beautiful and decorative item. You have vision Holly 🙂

marty (A Stroll Thru Life)

Love this idea. I have a gorgeous green wine bottle that I saved so I could do something with it. This is such a great idea and I love the carrier with the plants too. Hugs, Marty

Mandy @ OTA

Love, Love, Love this idea!! Thanks for sharing! ~Mandy~


Cute, but I'm spoiled…… I expect nothing less from you anymore!~Bliss~

Sooner Laura

Very cute idea. And your kitchen is lovely!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

How cool that your brother makes his own wine! Great idea to re-use the bottle.

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky)

Very cute and I love the wire rack. That is a really cool label. I love putting dish soap and bubble bath in different containers too.

Terry Moore

What a great idea. My sister owns her own winery and makes all the wine in Oklahoma. I should try something like this…you have inspired me!


To Anonymous…The valance is from Lowe's. It's an 84\” panel all folded up, clipped and tied with black ribbon. I am lazy with fabric projects. :/ It was only about $12.


Holly, That is a great idea and very cute. Love the valance, do you dare say where you bought it? Love all your ideas! Thanks for sharing!


How cute! I like dishwashing liquid in a pretty decanter. Yours actually has a story behind it, so it's even better!


That is a beautiful idea Holly!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

Great idea! It's very pretty, you're recycling and it reminds you of family. Sounds like a win-win-win to me!