A Wine Bottle for Dish Soap

I have a brother who makes his own wine.
His labels are always really cool so I hold on to his wine bottles when I am lucky enough to get one.
This particular label has a floor plan of a home to be built for him and his wife.

The little caddie was a Target clearance find that came with a plant trio. I bent the handle to the side to fit my bottle in the center.
The wine cork used to be a Mickey Mouse head but over time he lost his ears.
Our sink has a hand soap dispenser built in.
Since I buy our dish soap in bulk – there is no way I am going to store a large plastic container on my counter top. This is convenient and pretty.
Recycling bottles…..smart and beautiful!
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15 Replies to “A Wine Bottle for Dish Soap”

  1. Holly, That is a great idea and very cute. Love the valance, do you dare say where you bought it? Love all your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. To Anonymous…The valance is from Lowe's. It's an 84\” panel all folded up, clipped and tied with black ribbon. I am lazy with fabric projects. :/ It was only about $12.

  3. What a great idea. My sister owns her own winery and makes all the wine in Oklahoma. I should try something like this…you have inspired me!

  4. So clever! I love how you repurposed a plant caddy, a wine bottle, and a mickey mouse stopper and made a beautiful and decorative item. You have vision Holly 🙂

  5. Too cute! I would have NEVER guessed that cork used to be Mickey Mouse head. So nice NOT to see a bottle of Dawn or w/e near a sink. MUST try this!

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