Room for Family Time

Our family room is a comfortable, bright space.
I like that it is symmetrical. The fireplace and TV are the focal point so I don’t have to choose between the two for placing furniture.
The houses built here in this neighborhood have huge cubby holes for the TV, which is great. The problem is that they were built for the larger version, not the flat screens. Here is how I built ours in.
I had these brown shutters already, the length was perfect I just cut one slat off each side to make them thinner. They were brown but I painted them white and scuffed them up to look old. They are vinyl and so is the hardware but you can’t tell that unless you touch them. The T-base supports the TV with room at the bottom for DVD/Cable box, etc. I don’t like the cords showing but – there are so many of them. I made some notes on the photo so you could see what each piece is. Everything is just nailed together so if we upgrade the size of the television – it won’t be hard to adjust all the moldings.
(This next photo is from my laundry room in CT – you can see the shutters before.)
Since this wall is such a focal point I added a little board and batten trim on either side of the fireplace. It is just paint with trim nailed into the wall. I didn’t use glue here, like I normally would, because our house is a rental. Again, easy to change if somebody wants to.
This room is so big (to me). I can fit two full size sofas in here and a chair with plenty of floor space to lay around on. It is square – I love all the options for furniture placement.
The door in the corner came with me from CT. I was hoping to swap a 6 panel out for that one here but I would have to cut my door a little bit for the door knobs and since I will take it with me when I buy my own home – I am leaving it alone – for now. 
This door was in A Vintage Door for My Garden post.
Blankets in a basket and a TV tray – a must have for movie night.
The carpet is neutral, thank goodness, the light fixture/fan is not my style but it cools the room nicely.
One of my new neighbors said “Oh, you switched around your room already.” – well YAHHH – it’s been a month already! She will learn that my house changes weekly – even daily around Christmas. (ADD)
HERE is what the window looked like a week or so ago.
All of my accents are from my old house – the preserved boxwood sits in a 5 gallon bucket – remember THIS POST? Bucket and Burlap – a how to.
I placed our SHABBY BLACK ART in front of the gas fireplace. 
I am reusing these pots but the original greenery is missing. The movers labeled everything “Christmas Decor” and called it good. I will be so happy at Christmas if I get to find my topiaries and window treatments. That would make my Christmas very merry!
Those are the missing topiaries….
Comfortable, Cool and Bright….
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