Frame in the Fridge with a Fence

Our home has large white appliances.
Here is how I added my own panel to the monster white fridge for $0.

In our old house I had a small section of fence in Luke’s Room.
I am going to use this in my kitchen to hide the side of the refrigerator. I keep cluttering up the side with posty notes and flyers, etc. It looked junky.

I cut it to size and sanded it just a little.

A perfect fit. Now to hide the cross beams so it looks cleaner.

This will keep me from junking up that side that is so visible from our family room.

I planned on staining the fence to match the cabinets but once I got it in here –
I liked the lighter wood.
There is enough of the cherry wood color in this space.

Since we are renting our cute house – I can’t do anything permanent. This is a perfect small solution to keeping my refrigerator looking clean. (in a rustic way)

I am so glad when I can make a project out of something in my very own garage.

For those of you who have a stainless fridge with black sides that show –
this is an idea for you, too.

This is our old kitchen…. the fridge had an end panel and a deep cabinet above. That fridge had black sides so I was glad to have them covered up.

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  1. You made the right decision to not paint the fence, Holly. The lighter color matches well with the cabinets. 🙂 It's good to know that there are still people who know how to recycle things like fences. It's one way of keeping a smile on Mother Nature's face.

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