{Old Window & Family Photos Display}

I was so lucky to find this enormous window.
It measures 100 inches wide and 63 inches long.
The sofa’s name is seriously “Bertha” – she’s a big comfy couch.
 The large window matches her scale.
I hung the light weight frames from tiny nails. The top ones are hung with ribbon.
The large window was pretty heavy so I knocked out the glass. I gave it a good pressure wash and a little white paint to freshen it up. The window hangs from D rings and two Monkey Hooks.
If you don’t have Monkey Hooks, or Hercules Hooks – you need them!
Each one can hold up to 50lbs. They leave a very small hole in the wall and are quick and easy. Check them out at your local hardware store or even Walmart. They make heavy hanging much happier.
Showing off my family in my home is the best art of all.
framed photos taken by
to see another fun way to use an old big window GO HERE

The wall color here is Carrington Beige by Ben Moore (looks more yellow than it is).

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20 Replies to “{Old Window & Family Photos Display}”

  1. Wow that is a BIG frame! I love it! That is definately the scale for the sofa and it looks great:)

  2. What a wonderful way to recycle a large window like that! I love how much of a statement it gives to the wall behind your sofa. Hanging your family photos adds even more interest and gives it a purpose. Great job! Looks like you're getting settled in your new home nicely.

  3. Beautiful display for family photos! I've seen these hooks but was a little doubtful…thanks for the thumbs up on them. They'll be on my next shopping list.

  4. I love that window, but I love my Billy Mayes Hercules hooks! Yes everyone needs to know they really do work. Told my daughter to get some recently.~Bliss~

  5. That huge window is amazing ~ I love pieces like that! Wonderful family photos too!!

  6. I just adore this idea … now I have to start hunting the alleys of Chicago for old window frames …And Holly, thank you for your amazingly sweet comment on my blog! So happy we have found each other …And I'm truly sorry for your friend. She's too young to have to deal with so much. I'm sure you'll be there by her side. When my sister went through her operation and round of chemo, the community really jumped in and delivered meals for her boys everyday. It was amazing how everyone pulled together …Linda

  7. Wow what a great window frame and I love that you used it to display your family photos! I've been curious about those hooks for a long time. Looks like I'll be grabbing some next time I'm out shopping

  8. I love this! The whole thing. You have such creative ideas and I'm so glad to learn about monkey hooks. Did you make the pillows? I'm sure you did, and that there is a post about them that I will find as I read through your blog. I would love to find a window this size. Gloria

  9. Cool! I’ve always loved old windows, and I like it that you retained its time-worn look, even for its new purpose. I think it is just wise to do that. Some things are really hard to let go. Maybe because of its sentimental value, maybe you can see a lot of potential in it. And old windows usually were made of the finest wood. I’m sure you’d replace the batch of pictures for a few times more before the frame finally retires. 🙂

  10. I suggest you to not paint the recycled frame, Holly. It's better off that way, the faded paint looks pretty stylish – it matches quite well with the grey-scaled photo frames. 🙂

  11. I always love recycling old windows! With a little creativity, there’s really nothing that you can’t do. Anyway, I like your idea of displaying your family pictures in your living room. Are you going to fill it up with some more pictures?-Ashlee Starns

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