Sun Room Style

A Beautifully Built Sun Room
this is an addition of a well planned room…
(Kris and Steve’s House)

an IKEA sofa covered in a linen slip cover. The iron scrolls are old Christmas Tree Shop finds that were black.  We sprayed them grey.
Two Slip Covered Chairs purchased from IKEA with white and grey plaid covers. An IKEA iron table purchased in black iron then spray painted white.
This sofa is covered in a linen color…

A fun room to relax in after swimming on a hot summer day…..
Soft, Chic and Livable….
to see more of this house CLICK HERE

10 Replies to “Sun Room Style”

  1. I have sun room envy… sigh, what a gorgeous space beautifully decorated (and I want those Christmas wrought iron hangers!!!)xox

  2. That room is nothing short of stunning! My kids would be in 7th heaven to have a swimming pool:) Enjoy this gorgeous room–you did a fantastic job with the decorating!

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