Teacher Gifts, Word Signs & more….

I made these signs for teacher gifts when my kids were in kindergarten.
(this idea may be coming late to some but here on the East Coast – this is our last week of school)

Here are some other little gifts I made with my Cricut.
Both of these were for baby showers.
for a friend

Special orders…

 Some of these were sold at my Etsy shop.
 (now on hold for my upcoming move)
Word signs have been around a while but I still like them.
Wrap twine around the center and attach a little gift card.
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Lee Beedle

I love, love, love all your signage! I've been thinking of purchasing a cricut. Any recommedations?


Word signs are the BEST! I love them :)Hugs,Bj


Terrific word signs! JoAnn


Your signs are always cute, and I think I am particularly drawn to the black and white ones.~Bliss~

Herballistic Garden

These look very professionally done Holly. Nice work! Good luck with your move! xo wendy


I love your word signs. I especially like the one with all the numbers. Well, maybe it's not a word sign 😉 I agree they would make the perfect gift for all sorts of ocassions.

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door

These are adorable, Holly. I like them all! A Cricut is one of the many items on my \”want\” list. There are just so many creative tools out there!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

so cute! i love the happiness!