One Living Room …

I was sifting through some of my photos today and came across several pictures of my living room.

This is one of my favorite rooms to switch around.

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  1. You have a beautiful living room and I love all of the different arrangements. I'm a chronic re-arranger myself, so my living room never looks the same in any picture 🙂

  2. I love your style, Holly. You have a talent for adding those special touches that make a room so inviting. I'm looking forward to the wonderful things you do in your new home!

  3. I've always liked that front living room of yours too. The white sofa makes it so easy to change around too! Love that first pic!

  4. Wow, each incarnation is beautiful. My favorites are starting with #4 through the last one. The white slipcover appeals to me more than the blue though. You have such a talent for making it look so warm and welcoming!Pat

  5. Such a neat post, I do love those pillows and the black used here and there. What type of slipcover are you using? My couch is blue too and I'd like to cover it, I think it would really help me in doing my livingroom! Rondell

  6. I love the various \”outfits\” your room has worn! I would love to move my sofa; but 3 little people have been camping on it all summer. Perhaps when they go to bed? 😉 I actually dropped by to thank you for your gorgeous Pinterest pins; they inspire me!!! xoxo jules

  7. Gorgeous home – you really do know how to make it look warm and inviting! What is this warm paint color you have used throughout your home? I am loving it!

  8. Hi! I just found your blog from something that someone pinned on Pinterest. I love your style and I'm now subscribing to your RSS feed. What did you use for the slip cover on your couch… it looks like a painter's drop cloth perhaps? Do you find that you are always having to retuck/fix it when people sit on it?Tania

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