Crowded Garden

I planted my own garden several years ago….
Using my tiller (a birthday present) and rocks from the ground around our property I created this flower bed.
Coming from the West…I couldn’t believe all the foliage that grew wild here in Connecticut.
Daylillies were growing near the road in our own front yard. I dug them up and replanted them in my flower beds.
This is a photo from just before the lillies are ready to bloom.
I ordered several perennials from an on-line nursery to plant along with my Day Lillies. I also planted Shasta Daisies and Echinacea from seed indoors until they were big enough to be planted outside.
Here are some of my favorite perennials:

Shasta Daisies

Stella Dior Daylillies

Astible Bridal Veil

Black Eyed Susan


Cluster a set of 5 close together for a lovely crowded garden.

In a couple of weeks my garden will be bursting with blooms.

Adding a stone pathway creates an inviting walk through the garden and brings in
a little “cottage style” charm.

Create large curved gardens lined with stones for a welcoming entrance to your front door.

Lovely Gardens Bring Happiness

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