Crowded Garden

I planted my own garden several years ago….
Using my tiller (a birthday present) and rocks from the ground around our property I created this flower bed.
Coming from the West…I couldn’t believe all the foliage that grew wild here in Connecticut.
Daylillies were growing near the road in our own front yard. I dug them up and replanted them in my flower beds.
This is a photo from just before the lillies are ready to bloom.
I ordered several perennials from an on-line nursery to plant along with my Day Lillies. I also planted Shasta Daisies and Echinacea from seed indoors until they were big enough to be planted outside.
Here are some of my favorite perennials:

Shasta Daisies

Stella Dior Daylillies

Astible Bridal Veil

Black Eyed Susan


Cluster a set of 5 close together for a lovely crowded garden.

In a couple of weeks my garden will be bursting with blooms.

Adding a stone pathway creates an inviting walk through the garden and brings in
a little “cottage style” charm.

Create large curved gardens lined with stones for a welcoming entrance to your front door.

Lovely Gardens Bring Happiness

to see an interesting way I display another area of my garden CLICK HERE

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little late I am… just got around your beautiful blog. Did you know you can eat your day-lillies. They taste a litle like lettuce with a pepperish aftertaste. Look good on a salad as eadible deco too.try please try in summer, they are good. I have eaten them for more than 30 yearsgreetings from GermanyGina


So so pretty. I just love the flowers and gardens. I am from Cali and the foliage was not the same as it is here in Minnesota. Just love it. Your yard is lovely … thank you for sharing!Hugs,Bj


What online nurseries do you recommend? Your flowers are beautiful!Lin

Bella Michelle

Your garden is so similar to the garden I had done at our last house and I just loved it! This current house has a much more traditional/formalized look but I am softening it up little by little! BTW, I just found your blog and love your style (one which I wish I could emmulate!)

Drama Mama Lori

Wow! You go with your green thumb! I have basil growing in a container. That's the extent of it!! Your garden is beautiful! ~Lori

Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama

your flower garden is beautiful.. I dont have a green thumb, one thing I didnt get from my mamaw. I cant even remember the difference between annuals and perennials.LOL


Beautiful garden! We share some of the same favorites. I love daisies, cone flowers, black eyed Susans both because they are beautiful in the garden and because I love making little boquets to have inside. Thanks for sharing.


First visit to your glorious garden. I adore the brick pathways. All of your perenials are awesome. Wonderful mixing of colors.Ann


The flowers!!!! OMG so abundant.~Bliss~

Debra K

Beautiful Garden Holly….you are very inspiring….

Shabby chic Sandy

Beautiful gardens–I love the Bridal veil. I need some of that!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic

I love a crowded garden. Yours is looking beautiful. Mine is also about to be bursting with flowers and I can't wait! It's off to a great start. I hope you share more photos of when yours is bursting!~Shanon


Your garden is looking beautiful! I love the lupine, it's so pretty.


Your garden and house are both so beautiful! You must enjoy it all so much. ~ Jamie


Your flower garden looks great!! I love perennials and have a few, but love how you clustered them together like that. I also like your walkway made out of stones instead of poured concrete. It looks like you have a lot of property to manage.


Very beautiful! Such a wonderful time of year!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting

Beautiful gardens!


I am soooo jealous. We left CT 20 years ago for CA and I still miss it. A visit to White Flower Farm, Mystic Seaport, summer rain showers, ahhhh…


What a lovely garden! Living in SC I miss having the rich soil we had in the Northeast. You've done a wonderful job creating so many flower beds.

Coastal Cottage Dreams

Beautiful inspiration! Loving all of your flowers,,,,