The sun came out for dinner…

The Springs in CT are dreary at times…
but we were lucky to see the sun today just in time for dinner.
Our picnic table is serving as my desk right now…
So tonight we are eating on picnic benches with TV trays.
An easy summer meal of grilled chicken kabobs, asparagus and rice…
(somebody has to lay right in the way of things)
Our deck isn’t huge but we love it on mild nights like tonight.
Lite some tea lights in mason jars filled with a bit of Epsom salt.
Nothing fancy…
I love asparagus on the grill – brush with balsamic, olive oil and a little salt – then grill.
Even my 9 year old boys will eat it.
This is the only night my hubby will be home this week so this outdoor dinner feels
special but with very little effort.
Happy Wednesday!

20 Replies to “The sun came out for dinner…”

  1. I love eating outdoors and aparagus with an italian dressing is my favorite vegetable! Your fern looks so pretty wrapped in burlap too. Is your house still for sale? Hope everything is going well.

  2. What a lovely setting for an evening dinner Holly. I'll have to get some asparagus and cook them on the grill…I haven't done that and it sounds yummy! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  3. Perfection! We love asparagus…my 4 year old and 8 year old actually beg for it at the store?? I broil it in the oven…guess we need to try it on the grill, yum 🙂 Thanks, Laurel

  4. I love putting candles in jars. I never thought of the Epsom salt though…The food on the grill looks yummo! ~Jamie

  5. Hey Holly what time do we eat??? I'll take one of those glasses of wine too:) Yor grilling one of our FAVS!! Looks great! Deidre

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