Amazing Blogger Friends

I started my blog last September (9 months ago).
In that time I have met some of THE NICEST people…
One friend featured my site last friday – you have to see what nice things she said and guess what?
I didn’t do a thing for this post!!!!
When you visit her – show a little love back, pin, join, comment…
She’s so sweet!
Have a happy week!!!

9 Replies to “Amazing Blogger Friends”

  1. Congratulations! You totally deserve the recognition. Your blog and the tips you share with us are AMAZING. Carolyn{my simple messterpiece}

  2. One of the biggest surprises for me in blogging, was the friends I'm making and communicate with! The funny thing…we rarely discuss blogging! I never even thought I would have friends all over the world through a little craft blog!

  3. I will be stopping to visit Debra's blog after I get back from a night away with my hunk 'o burning luv.~Bliss~

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