Finding Inspiration

Magazines have been a big source of inspiration in decorating for me.
(especially before I became aware of creative bloggers)
My style developed partly through images and articles that I have read over the years.
One article in particular strongly influenced my hobby-turned business
making simple wood furniture… and decorating.
Country Home – May 2008

I keep this particular magazine close at hand to refer back to still.
Katie Brown, the host of Katie Brown Workshop, shares her “design on a dime” tips and the photos of her Bridgehampton, NY cottage.

I fell in love with Katie’s eclectic mix of styles and simplicity.
The rustic armoire coupled with a sleek finish on the coffee table and a painted green chest of drawers looked like a look I could pull off.  I was a stay at home mom at the time and didn’t have a big budget to decorate my (large – to me) colonial home.

The dining table made from scrap wood specifically caught my eye in this photo.
I had been searching for a long, unique, old and chippy sofa table.
The simple, chunky construction turned on a light bulb in my head….
I could make a similar style sofa table. I did.
(view tables and benches I have made here)

Formal seating with a rough handmade table is unexpected….
In our basement we had a similar style train table for our then 5 year old boys.
My hubby made it for them so I had sort of a model to refer to.

I found an old hamper at a tag sale similar to this. I put a garbage can inside of it for our kitchen.
It was a little large for the space I had so we don’t use it anymore – I heard a complaint about it one too many times and finally switched it out.

Open shelving in the kitchen with visible dishes, pots and pans looks well lived in.

Even the old barn wood sign ….

I had to share this article for the impression it left on me.  Even though my home doesn’t much resemble this sweet cottage – it inspires me still today.

If you are curious about Katie Brown, you can view her website here..

 Another place I like to get ideas are in restaurants.  The lighting and bathrooms especially.
For my porch and garden I take drives to areas along the beach and to historic districts of the towns close by. I notice old doors, fences or even unique shutters that can be recreated.

Find Your Inspiration.

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot

Hi Holly! Thanks for sharing this link with me. I don't guess I'd ever seen that article. I didn't start buying Country Home until right before they stopped publication. So glad to see it here! I do lover her style… very eclectic–love that dining table and those cupboard doors. I'm STILL looking for a hamper for our trash in the kitchen. (we have room)…take care and thanks for following my Pinterest Board– ::FreeStanding and UnFit:: Pat

reFresh reStyle

I remember this article,cause I love her style!! There's so much inspiration in each photo!

All Things Chic 2

Hi HollyI'm in a pickle, hoping you can help me!!!I painted a dresser & mirror (didn't sand it or prime it)you know what's coming next…I can scratch the paint off with my finger nail, please tell me you have a secret potion for my dilemma… I would have emailed you but couldn't find a email to do so…PLEASE HELP!!! Blessings Lori


What a great issue! She has an amazing sense of style!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs

I loved watching her shows…I really miss them as she really had some great ideas on a budget!


I LOVE Katie Brown! I grew up watching her on TV. She has a line of house ware items at the Meijer stores out here. (A big box chain of stores in some of the Midwest that started in my hometown of Grand Rapids). Anyway, her items make grocery shopping not so painful anymore! I check out her stuff pretty much every time I grocery shop now. ~ Jamie


Katie Brown….what an absolute blast from the past 🙂 I do love the trash can in basket idea.Although complaints would probably run rampant here, too :)blessings,karianne

Gwen @ The Bold Abode

I do so love Katie Brown… Haven't heard her name in a while, though…


I love that magazine too Holly! I'll have to check out her website. Enjoy your day, Gail


I could see how this article influenced your style today. Very cool style indeed. Have a happy Monday!