Where have you been?

Simplifying my home is a good thing…..
but during the process of purging furniture – I lost my office.
But now it’s back…
along with the picture of my boys.
Now to get creative for some fun posts this week.
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Holly,You inspire me! I love your look. I too, am a magazine addict and just recently started looking at all these wonderful blogs. Yours is by far my favorite. We just purchased a little farmhouse and I am making it over in a simple style. You have given me confidence to try different things. Thanks!

Very pretty office styling Holly!

Holly's getting her groove on.~Bliss~

Love that picture of your boys!

Awesome! Can't wait :)Carolyn{my simple messterpiece}

Good luck, creating your new space…Blessings Lori

Yeah! I can't wait to see your fun posts coming up! ~ Jamie

Wow…you're good if you gave up your office!How goes it, girl?

She's aliiiiive! Miss your posts girlie! Glad you got your office back. And your boys are so handsome.

aw, i love that pic of your boys- cute!