A Vintage Door For My Garden

After the rain….

I took a walk through our yard.

The bleeding hearts are in bloom under the deck among the lilies.
Our wisteria vine is blooming like crazy. This vine is 6 years old and has given us very few blooms in all that time. Last fall my husband cut it down to almost nothing – I thought it would never grow back. What a wonder that trim did for this beautiful vine.
(wisteria is a favorite of mine – I have planted one at every home I have lived in)

Last year it was lush and green but no blooms.

I also have an old vintage door among my foundation plantings.

I tilted the door up against the chimney brick.

Several years ago I planted this dogwood tree…

in an old garbage can…
I dug out a huge whole in the garden soil, busted out the bottom of the rusty garbage can and placed it in the hole.  I filled the can with peat moss and good soil for the new baby tree.
The tree has grown wonderfully well and I like the galvanized pot in my garden.
(now I just need to get rid of those nasty weeds)
I use reclaimed items inside my home and out!
The longer I leave this vintage door outside to weather –
 the more perfect it will become for an indoor accent.
What a beautiful morning walk through my yard.

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Love the door!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting

LOVE LOVE the way your wisteria is growing up your decks railing!! Your grounds look so pretty.


I am your newest follower.Cynthiaclochesandlavender.com

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage

What a great idea to put a vintage door in the garden. Now I'm kicking myself for not taking home that six dollar door I saw at an estate sale! Your door looks so pretty surrounded by the green in your garden! Love your wisteria plant. It must smell divine!


I love your use of doors. I want to find a pair of doors to make an arbor with this year.

Fox Hollow Cottage

And your tree loves you for it! Look at it go. I have to say I am so envious of the Wisteria… it's gorgeous. No jealous of you having it, just envious I don't. LOL. Totally dreamy =)

Susan @ homeroad.net

I love the door out in your garden, everything looks so nice, I can't wait to get out in mine! I love the vine climbing down your stairs too, beautiful!Susan

Shirley@Housepitality Designs

I love the door in your yard…what a great idea…your yard is beautiful…I love wisteria too…we called it hysteria in Florida…always getting out of hand…but beautiful….

CosmoGirl Carla

I love it! You can never go wrong using reclaimed anything in the garden! Thanks for sharing your lovely gardens.

Debra Howard

Cool idea with the door. Love the pretty color too.Debbie

Gypsy Heart

Beautiful! I just love wisteria. A neighbor's yard across the street had a huge, gorgeous section of it last year and I so enjoyed it. I think younger family members have moved in to be caregivers…they cut it all down, not just once but twice now. 🙁 I don't think they realize what they're doing.Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the old doors and the combination of items for your headboard in the master bedroom is brilliant! Could you please come and help me? ;-)xoPat


love wisteria, too! frost got about 1/2 of ours this spring, maybe i should cut it back–i would love for it to look like yours:) love your sweet door against the brick!


Holly, I planted a wisteria which didn't bloom for years….later I discovered they don't bloom until they're 7 years old! I thought I'd gotten a bargain when I bought a small plant but I hadn't done my homework. They should be pruned back in February, I've read….Live and learn, right?MollyK.


Awesome Holly! You have the coolest ideas. Beautiful gardens too.

allenaim photography and design

LOVE the garbage can – and the wisteria is BEAUTIFUL! Mine just let out a few blooms yesterday and I am eagerly anticipating the SHOW!

The Bold Abode

Just as lovely outside as in! And you know I have a major crush on that door…


Your trees look about the same as ours but you have much more blooms going on. You think they are early this year in comparison to the trees?Look at that sweet dog.~Bliss~


I would love to walk through your yard. It's beautiful. Love the dogwood in the can.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic

Gorgeous yard! It looks so pretty after the rain. I love the old door, waiting to get shabby and chippy. Loved all of the photos!~Shanon

All Things Chic 2

Lovely yard…Blessings Lori

Laura Beth

The outside of your house looks awesome :o) I love the wisteria & that door is fabulous!

Shabby chic Sandy

Love that door in the garden! My husband cut back our Wisteria so much I am afraid it won't bloom this year:( Last year it was beautiful. Live and learn.


Your yard looks great – beautiful!


Love it Holly! What a beautiful little scene you created. I really need to get creative in the backyard.

reFresh reStyle

Love it all, the door and wisteria are favorites of mine too! Beautiful walk.Debbie


What a beautiful garden! Mine at the moment is full of weeds…despite sending my children out there this morning 😉

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate

How Beautiful. I Love the idea of the tree planted in the garbage can. Have a wonderful week!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper

i love this idea! and bleeding hearts are a favorite of mine! 🙂


so beautiful! Looks like that rain is doing great things for your yard!

Linda@Coastal Charm

Charming idea you have there with the dogwood tree…love it!Blessings,Linda

Junky Vagabond

Beautiful – love that wisteria! Sometimes a trim is just what the plants need to start anew!