Garden Barrel Iron

My garden barrel was falling apart..

With some of the old barrel wood I made this…

The iron rings were really cool too so I used one of them here…
In Ben’s Room….

Ben loves weapon’s.
He wanted this sword for display but it wasn’t quite right for this space…
Until we added the barrel iron…

Reuse & recycle old iron…
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CosmoGirl Carla

Hi Holly! I found your blog via a photo someone posted at Pinterest. When I clicked over, I was instantly in love with, well, everything here! I've spent quite a bit of time going through back posts, bookmarking many of your projects and rooms you've shared. I just love your style! It's exactly how I would love to redecorate every room in my house. I'm so glad I found your place! I'm hoping, to use your glazing technique on my bathroom vanity that I'm getting ready to paint – as soon as I work up the courage ;o) I look… Read more »


Hey Holly I miss hearing from you! hope all is going well with the move.I loved your kitchen light re-vamp so I pinned it:)hey if you ever get up here theres a cold bottle of Chardonnay with your name on it and we can drink it and tour the gardens:))Miss you! Deidre~

Gwen @ The Bold Abode

That is TOTALLY awesome! Perfect scale for the sword and the space… hope you are holding up, girl!!!


This is great Holly! What a great use for that iron ring and it really makes sword stand out now.

Amy Kinser

You and your ideas are just great, Holly.


Hi Holly, I have been reading your blog for a couple months now and of course have read all or most of your past blogs, I was sad to hear you were moving but then realized I should be excited to see what you do with your new place! please check me out over at

Roxanne Reinhart

I love the ring with the sword. Makes the sword a piece of art for sure!!

Junky Vagabond

Nice! It looks like the iron belonged with the sword all along. Good eye!

Linda@Coastal Charm

Two cute THRIFTY ideas…love the sign!!Blessings,Linda

amy of the salvage collection

i need a rotten barrel!!!


Just found your blog; in reading back through your posts found this one and had to laugh. My barrel fell apart, too, and I could not part with the rings…used them here: