Bucket & Burlap

Need a cute and cheap planting pot?

A 5 Gallon Bucket & Burlap….
Wrap the burlap around the bucket loosely tucking the excess inside.
I had some rope in the garage that I used to tie the garden fabric in place.
I purchased a lovely fern at the grocery store for $12.99

17 Replies to “Bucket & Burlap”

  1. Oh I love this!!! It's so simple and cheap! I actually have a bucket, burlap, rope and a fern right now … Headed outside to make myself a burlap pot!! 🙂 you rock!!

  2. How wonderful is this? And EASY. Yep, that's one of the criteria of a good craft. It has to look wonderful but be really quick and easy. 🙂

  3. *gasps* This is genius! Do you have any idea how many stinkin' buckets I have from my hubbies work? LOVE this! Thanks for inspiration Holly. Pinned!

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