Garden Basket Pendant Lights

I tried to sell these iron hanging baskets at my tag sale last year for $1.
Nobody wanted them….

I thought I could use them in a different way…

I removed the hanging chain.

Here is where they are going…

These little lights have served a good purpose.  I only paid $20 each for them at Home Depot several years ago.  The breakfast table light has been switched out since and I wanted something more unique above the island to match.
I removed the glass and bulb.
The hole at the bottom of the basket matched up perfectly with the center of the light.
I turned the basket upside down and screwed back on the little ring to hold the basket in place. I thought it was going to be heavy but it is about the same weight as the glass.
Paint the white part black.

How cute is that?

The iron fixtures and light bulbs coordinate well with the breakfast nook light.
Easy, cheap and recycled! =)
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Wow! Those are beautiful! I love this idea and I love that these baskets were repurposed and inexpensive!

great idea and charming.

I love these! What a great idea. Have a lovely weekend!Deborah

What a fun and creative redo! I need new hanging lights! Thanks for sharing.

LOVE these! And your whole kitchen. I have a few and need to check the hole in the bottom to see if they will work for me.

This is such an awesome idea! I am totally pinning it. 🙂 Congrats on the feature at CRAFT.Karah

Stopping in from C.R.A.F.T, these are beautiful and a great upcycle. Btw…I am loving your ultra cool island, it is gorgeous!

great idea and charming.

Well, somehow I obviously missed this post! I love how you came up with this idea. I never would've guessed that your lights were garden baskets. Genius!!

ok, you are REALLY good at the simple DIY stuff. well, maybe you're really good at making it look simple! either way, you're wowing me!

So ingenious!♥Linsey

How cute is that?! Funny. I have several similar baskets I've wanted to do the same thing with, but there's nowhere to do so in my tiny cottage.Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday again, Holly. I always thoroughly enjoy your contributions to the party. ;)Blessings,Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

What a fantastic idea, Holly! Don't know how I'm just now following, but I am at least. Love how your recycled pendants turned out!

Oh yeah… Cute as all get out!Bliss

Wow! Love it!

Holly I flipping love it! I did something like that with a light in my office. I love that you had 2 of them and they look fabulous over the island. You couldn't have bought anything nicer!Great job!Susan

Now that is really cute and creative!!

Looks fabulous… great job!

Girl, you rock with your ideas!

Awesome idea!! Love how those look! Smart girl

What an amazing idea. I LOVEd the pendant lights that you had there before, but these are definitely more … interesting! Love this idea!!!

I have those same baskets!! Love what you did, but more importantly – that ISLAND! omg, I am in love.

Dang girl you are on a roll! You gave your boring ol' hanging pendant lights some serious style. I will never pass these up in a yard sale!

Those are super cute Holly! Just checking if we are on for the home tour this Friday…I have you down for next. Thanks…I noticed you have one under your header, and we could use that same one, and than add to it if you would like.

Great Idea..looks so cool. Your house is amazingly gorgeous and I love your blog. 🙂

I love your \”new\” lights,, Im going to a huge neighborhood sale tomorrow and I will be on the lookout for something like this.. very cool!

Girl! You totally rocked it again!! Very cute and unique!!

So stinking cute! Great way to reuse things

Wow, they are fabulous. Aren't you smart!!

Cute, Cute SUPER CUTE!!!!! Love it!

LOVE your blog and ideas! I 'found' you via Pinterest a month or so ago…and have been hooked since! Thanks for all the sharing you do…and the great projects! LOVE the light 'fixtures'!

Love how unique these lights are!

That is super cute. I wonder how many planters I have gotten rid of that could have been recycled!

Seriously, you are the smartest thing! What a cute idea! Any bites on the house?Adriane