How to Paint a Wall Mural

This is a mural that I painted on a wall for a nursery.

I had my photographer friend take a photo of the page in this classic story book.
She then hooked her Mac up to her projector and placed the image reflection on the wall in the size we wanted.
I traced the photo image with a pencil.
(pencil sketch image from
I then painted the sweet image with craft paints to match the book. I used my shading techniques that I learned in art etc…  =)
The words were printed from my Cricut on sticky vinyl.

Look what else I did with

old photo
(if you like piknic – you’ll love ipiccy – thanks to Susan at Homeroad for the tip)

I loved reading this book to my babies…..
Now our book looks a lot like the image above.  =(

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  1. Thanks for the tip on ipiccy! I have been looking for a new photo site since picnik announced their closing. BTW love your site!

  2. I love this mural and quote…so adorable! I use piknic occasionally and they are closing in April so I will have to check out Thanks for the photo site suggestion. Have a wonderful day!Lisa

  3. Holly, great mural! As usual, loving your work. I'm very new to blogging and your site is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.I just added a post inspired by some of your work. Check it out!!Thanks, Natalie

  4. I have to copy this for my daughter to read….she's thinking wall mural on the new baby's bedroom wall and this is a wonderful tutorial. Thanks! xo wendy

  5. Would not even attempt this but what a great talent you have!! Also, I really loved your post of the coffee antiqued urn. I am going to try this on my resin urns. I am so ready for spring. 🙂

  6. That is so awesome! You are truly blessed and talented. I would love to learn how to do all this. I can't wait to go through some more of your blog.

  7. Well done! The projector technique is brilliant, Holly! I think you have given DIY-ers the idea of how to create wall mural by themselves. I’m sure your babies love seeing those rabbits on your wall. It’d be really fun reading the classic book under this work of art. Clinton Hurlburt

  8. Definitely a great piece of work sharing of information is really fun, isn’t it? I’ll come back to read more of your

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