Junk to Gem Chandelier

While decorating for baby Clara…. We looked for a new & pretty light fixture.
Some were $95 and up…. a little much.

So we went to my favorite salvage store and found this one for $5.

I have actually had really good luck with old lamps.  I am always surprised when I get them home and put in a light bulb …. and tah dah –  works every time.

{I need to buy stock in this stuff…..}
I gave the light fixture plenty of white spray paint.

Before installing the fixture to the ceiling I put a little wreath around it.

Hot glue a little frayed burlap around each candelabra.

Glue and nail in a frame around the electrical connection.
Anchor with copper wire.
Black wire twist with black wire.
White wire twist with white wire.
Good to go!

~Lovely Little Light~
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A chandelier perfectly fit for Christmas holidays. Thank you sharing your photo and the way it is made. It inspired me to make my own.

What a beautiful home you have. I've enjoyed looking around and love how you have added so much character by using reclaimed items. Lovely!

Love this, love the organic textures!

What a great transformation. Simply gorgeous. I just took your home tour and everything you have done is so beautiful. You have the most warm and welcoming home.

Love what you have done, its gorgeous!! Just a tiny bit worried about the burlap touching the bulbs, could be a potential fire hazard…it could get hot enough to start a fire…sorry but I always worry about stuff like that…. 🙂

Used light fixtures have a ton of potential and I really think you made this one a star! It's great looking.Help me celebrate my move to WordPress by entering the giveaway. Please stop by, more giveaways to come 🙂

Love it…but you KNEW I would ;)Totally agree about Rustoleum spray paint….I'm trying to find a way to buy a case at a time, for a good deal!! Maybe they would give us money back if we brought in all our empty cans!Hugs from Iowa, Michelle at Pine Needle Hill

That turned out so cute Holly! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

You wired that in yourself? Super woman I tell 'ya.~Bliss~

Love it! The burlap is perfect and I love how you added the wreath, too. Perfect!Man, that burlap is hard to hot glue around the chandy lights. I really felt the heat of the glue for these!~Shanon

I really like the idea of the frame around the top of the chandelier. Such a sweet transformation.Mary Alice

****please remind folks to turn off the breaker before removing/installing a fixture!!*** :)(only 'cuz I've been bitten before…)

Cute! I love the wreath on it…and the frame is a great idea!

Well…that is just darling! I love the burlap! You're so creative!Sharon

That is an awesome little chande. Good job, and you can't beat the price!

Beautiful–the wreath and burlap add such a natural touch!

Holly it's beautiful! (looking up at it too!)SusanHomeroad

Your like Midas…but with Junk…So pretty!

A true gem! You are such a clever gal!

Love how that turned out. I think a chandelier in a little girls room is so pretty! And….I'm impressed. You hung it yourself! I'm too chicken to mess with electricity like that. I'm afraid I'll burn down the house. Ha! You obviously have some experience. I need to be more brave.

Don't you just love these types of finds? This looks fab!

Gorgeous! Love the addition of the wreath.

Turned out really cute! I just hung up a \”new\” dinning room light also!