Junk to Gem Chandelier

While decorating for baby Clara…. We looked for a new & pretty light fixture.
Some were $95 and up…. a little much.

So we went to my favorite salvage store and found this one for $5.

I have actually had really good luck with old lamps.  I am always surprised when I get them home and put in a light bulb …. and tah dah –  works every time.

{I need to buy stock in this stuff…..}
I gave the light fixture plenty of white spray paint.

Before installing the fixture to the ceiling I put a little wreath around it.

Hot glue a little frayed burlap around each candelabra.

Glue and nail in a frame around the electrical connection.
Anchor with copper wire.
Black wire twist with black wire.
White wire twist with white wire.
Good to go!

~Lovely Little Light~