Barn Door Headboard

A bedroom I designed for Jake…

The headboard was made from old barn doors…. by me.
(they are so heavy!)

(he likes to hunt…can you tell?)
more boy rooms here

there were four doors when I purchased these
– too see the other two CLICK HERE
HERE you can view another recycled headboard.
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28 Replies to “Barn Door Headboard”

  1. Oh my goodness–that is the cutest (or maybe I shouldn't use that word) boys room ever! I love that barn door. The \”permit required\” is so cool! I am going to show this to my son Wyatt. We have never done much with his room because I am just not good at not making everything girly.

  2. What a great boys room! I love the headboard and especially the way you attached the lantern lights. \”permit required\”-too cute:) and the valances are a nice touch. I bet your young man is enjoying this room:):) Very well done.

  3. Very boyish!!! My son's name is Jacob , he is 12 and in a desperate need of a room redo…His room is the next on my list…Thanks for the inspiration!!!Blessings to you !!! Lori

  4. That looks fabulous! I love the color of the headboard.And the valance is awesome.I love your style.Kathy

  5. What a darling room! I love the hunting/outdoor theme. That is so perfect for a boy. The headboard is really the best part of the room.

  6. After being in blog land, why would anyone ever…. first of all get rid of a door ever again, and second, why would anyone ever buy an ordinary headboard when they could have one like THAT!!!!~Bliss~

  7. Holly, Jake's room looks so good! My favorite things are the bed and the lanterns! I can totally tell he's a hunter, my son is the same. He would love a room like this!

  8. How very cute is that Holly! Love it and the paw prints! I am trying to decide on wether to paint dino prints all around the boys room.

  9. I love this room! I was wondering if you know where she got the quilt for the bed or did she make it? It such a perfect match for a little hunting boy. Not too grown up, just right.

  10. Really fabulous room! The headboard is soooo cool and yeah, loving those window valances as well! So fun!Shared on Fji facebook and pinned for SNS 124. :)

  11. Can you tell me where you found the lantern lights? They are my favorite part of the room (aside from the headboard of course 🙂

  12. I love your bedroom for Jake-I found your blog while searching for ideas for my son Grayson's room. I LOVE how you decorated Jakes room, camo and hunting and the barn doors! We have a large supply of antlers I was hoping to use also and my husband hunts in Wyoming so is always bringing back souvenirs. Would you ever share where you purchased the camo bedding? I did a google search and found some similar at target but it looks a lot brighter-Thanks! Susan

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