Drab 2 Fab at Bella Nest

I am guest posting at

My friend, Holly, at Bella Nest invited me to guest post in her Drab 2 Fab series that she hosts on Fridays. I am featuring how to make a new house have old charm.

Visit us today by clicking the link below… you will love my sweet friend.

~~~~Drab 2 Fab Friday #4~~~~

Giving a New House Old Charm…

see you there

4 Replies to “Drab 2 Fab at Bella Nest”

  1. So here is the deal. This is my first visit to your blog and I am now following you in so many ways that if you turn around I will probably be standing behind you. ;-)Your home tour was so inspirational! Love every single detail and look forward to seeing it in a magazine someday… if it hasn't been already. Blogging is time consuming and at times non-appreciative. THANK YOU for taking the time to blog! Love every detail!!!!

  2. Love all those pretty photos on your guest post! You have done such a good job adding character to a new home. I always enjoy seeing the creative things you come up with.

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