Shabby Black Art…

Like this?
Here’s how:

Paint old window glass with black chalk paint….
Stencil in some fancy corners with white craft paint.

With an 8 inch stencil paint your initial.

Spray the whole frame and painted area with clear acrylic sealer.

Use D rings and framing wire on the back to hang as art.
New ShAbBy BlAcK ArT for my foyer…
(I better move the other B out of there)

Easy Shabby Black Art…
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15 Replies to “Shabby Black Art…”

  1. Know that's what I call getting inspired…If I new where to go around here to by an old frame I would be making one of those… Absolutely beautiful…That post just got me very excited…Great job…I posted a new album this week as well…After seeing your new post I just wanna keep going…Thanks Lori

  2. This time my mind is creating a twist on your project… what if I painted the letter on the back of the glass, chalk board on the front with a rounded area around the letter on the front in the chalk board paint that is shows clear through? That make sense? I can see it in my head. ~Bliss~

  3. Oh goodness! I am so glad that I clicked to see your great project! Two things, your style ROCKS … and you have awesome hair. Love the entry to your home. I am off to take the rest of the tour!!!! And clicking to follow you!!! jules from bles-id

  4. This is perfect timing, I have picture frames I want to do this with. And, I agree with Blesid in the above comment…your style rocks and your hair is grrrreat! Ha! Enjoy comin' here very much:)

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