The Nosey Goose …. inspiration

I have to share with you a sweet little shop near where I live.

I’ve driven by this shop 100 times thinking…I have to go in there.
I finally did while shopping for a baby girls room.
I asked the sweet owner if I could feature her store in a post on my blog.
She kindly said yes. So I am going to show you some inspiring photos taken on my visit there.
The covered porch light fixture.

I love a place that makes me want to go home and redecorate  my whole house…

The Nosey Goose
33 Wall Street
 Madison CT
Thank you Ms. Morawski

20 Replies to “The Nosey Goose …. inspiration”

  1. What a lovely shop! I could spend hours in a place like that. Thanks for sharing all the pretties with us and hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  2. Oh my heart is skipping some beats right now while looking at that beautiful shop! Thanks so much for sharing it. I wish I lived close enough to shop there. I saw quite a few things I liked! I love shops like that located in an old house too. They usually carry the most unique things. Wish they had an online store.

  3. I want everything! Madison must be a name synonymous with vintage. We have a quaint little town in Georgia called Madison that is full of shops like this! Love, love, love it!

  4. What a great shop!! I love the home sweet home sign,and the lamp shade.I would love to have that shop around here.Kathy

  5. Thanks for sharing The Nosey Goose for us all to see. I love country and shabby chic 🙂 Her light fixture on the front porch is fabulous! Everything looks marvelous…definitely would be a great shopping experience.Lisa

  6. OMG, I grew up in Madison and have always loved the Nosey Goose, been there forever and always changing it's look with the times! I still live on the shoreline here in CT, my family still in Madison….Had no idea you were so close, just found your blog a few days ago and love it!!! How fun! Sue

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