A Simple, Natural & Recycled Table Scape


So those who know me or know my blog.. you know that I am NOT formal at all…
(I’m really  “down to earth”…. hence my blog name)

but I did set my table – there are no utensils because we’ll most likely just
have pizza for dinner.

I cut down a wood pallet for the center piece and filled it with lavender.

These beautiful plates are from Southern Living Home – a gift to me from my sweet MIL.

I used paper towels wrapped in a little twine for napkins…

We’ll just drink ice water from our recycled salsa jars.

All the jars are recycled…. used as candle holders filled with sugar or baking soda.

A casual, simple and recycled table scape set perfectly for pizza night.

Happy Saturday Night…. what ever you are having!

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26 Replies to “A Simple, Natural & Recycled Table Scape”

  1. I love the idea of using a piece of pallet for the center of your table. It really adds a nice rustic touch. The lavendar is a nice addition too.

  2. Love the centerpiece with the candles and lavendar. Such a cute table setting … napkins tied with twine … love it! We did the same thing for my daughter's wedding, with the silverware tucked inside. You're so creative, Holly. Your blog posts are always a pleasure.

  3. Simple, casual and beautiful…I love it! You have the same napkins I do, I just never thought of using jute/twine to tie around them. Love your ideas. Lesa

  4. Looks good. Today while out to lunch I had pallet envy. When we were getting in the car I spied 4 pallets leaning up against a building. That's about when my husband thought I was loosing it – I have a pile of pallets already at home, just how many do I need???~Bliss~

  5. Love every little element you've included there. The pallet is an awesome idea as it gives you some height to work with but also the space below to fill with flowers. love it!!Tracey

  6. This is just my style! I use epson salts in my jars. It's less expensive-about 88cents a box. I have only 2 of the plates. Wish I had more. Love them…love the burlap…love it all!

  7. Love it…the pallet & burlap look great together!! I can't think of a better place to enjoy pizza!Sallyloveofhomes.blogspot.com

  8. Your tablesetting looks so pretty. I love the lavender and recycled jars/candles. A Perfect setting for a casual dinner. I love pizza. Thanks for sharing.Lisa

  9. This is so pretty! I love the pallet idea for your centerpiece! Is there a reason you use salt and baking soda with your candles? Or just because it's cheap and white? Just curious! 🙂

  10. Holly, you have the most amazing style! I don't know what I enjoy more, your decor or your photography – serious eye candy!!Thanx for sharing!!

  11. I so love your tablescape. I love how you cut down the pallet to make this setting. The different recycled glass jars are so pretty, I am going to have to look at those instead of getting rid of them. As always, I love what you do!~Shanon

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