Kris & Steve’s Dining Room

A couple of years ago I helped decorate this lovely dining room…

The furniture is very traditional and beautiful.

Many of these pieces are family heirlooms….
The rich woods are very pretty but the home is taking on a bit more of a casual feel.
To blend the different styles we added a couple of garden trellises behind each dining chair in the corners that wait for special entertaining occasions.
I installed some board and batten wainscoting in this dining area to brighten up the space and to bring in an updated yet casual feature to the room. It’s a beautiful contrast with the walls painted in Providence Olive by Benjamin Moore.

The top and bottom moldings were double stacked for a bit of a “fancy” look for the usual cottage/casual board and batten wainscoting.
An appropriate saying on the wall for a room where families gather on special occasions.
The last sentence touches me especially….
A bit of a rustic piece of art helps tie in the iron and whites and the arch adds architectural  interest while the distressed finish brings back the casual feel.
A favorite addition of mine is the iron scrolls above the window moldings.
The window panels are hung high to accent the tall ceilings and to let all the light possible into this lovely room.
In an open floor plan such as this home has…it is so important for the decor to flow with the rest of the home.  In future posts I will show you other beautiful spaces from this very livable family colonial.  All the decor that we chose can reside in most any room in the house….that keeps it all versatile and cohesive.
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I love the brighter updated look. I am very much a traditionalist, but I think our lifestyles have become more casual and it's nice to accommodate that. Great job.Laura


In a time where all we seem to do it paint furniture, it is refreshing to see beautiful wood left the way it was intended. This is a warm and welcoming room.


I can see your signature look in this room already! Those little wreaths, for one. I like how you decorated this. It looks very inviting.


I love what you did Holly. It's beautiful. Thanks for all your inspiration and enjoy your evening, Gail


So did a fantastic job!




I want me some board and batten wainscoting. I waaaantttt sommmeee. I'm whiny.~Bliss~