Organize with Pallets

Several years ago I made this desk with book shelves attached.
I don’t store books on the shelving anymore because it has become my own desk in my office.
It holds lots of junk….
(picture cd’s, tape measures, notepads…etc.)
Here is what it looks like on a normal basis:

Hodge Podge…
Sometimes the things I store there fall so I decided to use some scraps from wood pallets that I have cut down.

Now it looks a little bit cleaner & I used some scrap wood that I already had.  I like the texture of the different wood colors. My cd’s won’t slip off and I don’t see my tape measures anymore.  Everything is still accessible but a bit more hidden.  I even scaled down what was there to the things I really need to be in convenient reach.
The greenery adds a little bit of a decorative touch.
My view from my office chair is much nicer now – I actually feel like sitting there. =)