For Baby Girl…

My friend hired me to help her transform her boys room into a new baby girl room.
light fixture redo here

heart accents were purchased at The Nosey Goose

To see how the dresser was refinished click here
light fixture redo here
The real beauty in this room is the baby it was created for…
To see this room when it was for her big brother click here

22 Replies to “For Baby Girl…”

  1. Turned out beautiful. My fav's….. the curtains and bed skirt, the baubles on the valance, the door of course, and especially the sweet little pink bundle, I can smell her…. in a good way.~Bliss~

  2. Gorgeous!!! So beautiful and feminine it makes me want to have a little girl just so I can do a vintage room.

  3. Just adorable! I love all the special touches. The open frames with hearts in them are so cute. Love that old door too! It's just pure femininity at its best.

  4. Holly! That is a fantastic room. I wouldn't mind it being mine! I really love how you used the shutters. So cute and unusual. I get so many great ideas from you!

  5. DARLING!! This room turned out SO cute. She is sooo going to love it. You did a great job love the frame around the light fuxture adds such detail, and the shutters…oh love it. make me want a little girls room in my house.. maybe my boys won't mind?? um they probably would.. Great job.

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