Funky Staircase

I want to share with you some pictures of my many funky phases of our staircase in the 6 years we’ve lived in this house.
First – it was this:
This was actually after I painted the railings and top caps of the posts black. They were originally oak.
Then I saw a picture in a magazine that had tile on the risers.  I loved the black and white pattern but what a lot of work.
 I had just purchased a Cricut at the time so I used that…. to do this:
Be Grateful, Be Strong, Be Kind and Love One Another….
(hoping to send a reminder to my kids but they couldn’t read cursive)
I know it’s kind of funky but I loved it for a little while.

Off went the white diamonds on black….it was too busy.
The walls at this time were Rust by Ben Moore.
The next two pictures are not in my home.  One of my clients hired me to do this a few years ago.
I had to share because it’s sweet.
You are wondering what this says…
On the back staircase leading to a home office we applied vinyl words.
The mom chose words that her kids would say when they were little.
You can’t help but giggle when you read them.
It’s a cute way to hold on to sweet memories.

(she did a great job hanging her photo collage)

This is the front staircase in that same house.
NOW my stairs look like this…
Painted ebony with a crisp white riser. 

Stairs can be a way to show off your style by adding your own unique touch.
In most two story homes – staircases are a huge focal point.
Make them pretty.
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I just found an old porch post at the local antique store last month. Now am trying to decide to leave it the stained color or paint it black like I do everything else. I bought a little sign with a hook at Hobby Lobby with the number 1. Your post was my inspiration for this. I had filed this post in the back of my mind. Lots of ideas stored there. Sometimes they get me into trouble. Anyway love your house. I have been posting all about farm life and new babies and haven't put any pictures on yet… Read more »


I was just wondering what type of black paint you used: satin, semi-gloss or enamel. I love the look. Also, what color is your front door? You do such a great job!


I love your stairs Holly! I can not wait to start on ours.

The Bold Abode

I've been struggling with what to do with my stairs…Black…that is the ANSWER! Good think I just thought that I should paint from the top to the bottom…I could see getting myself stuck upstairs! hahaha…


Black is my favorite!


One of my most favorite things of your home… 😉 I've mentioned you before on my own blog, Holly, but would LOVE if you'd link up this post to my first ever link party!! Flaunt! it Friday – Link Party. Come flaunt the skills your momma gave ya!


new look your stars is the best, realy my favorite!!!!very pretty!!!


From the moment I arrive on your blog I start to smile.I love what you did with the staircase and all that chipping on the bannister.Hugs Rosemary…xo


I love the enamel letter and the worn paint 🙂


I LOVE how they look now…I love the numbered hooks & the basket at the bottom too!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home

Your staircase is lovely, although I must admit…I loved the diamonds!!


Holly, I love your staircase. I have been waiting to re-stain my staircase and is on the \”list of many things to do\”. Did you sand before you applied the paint? Thanks for sharing and have wonderful day, Gail


A perfect example of a house is never really 'done'.I love all of these phases.

Home Frosting

Your staircase looks beautiful and I love the distressed posts! I found your blog a few days ago and I just have to tell you that your style is gorgeous! You have a definite flare for decorating and refinishing and you've made a beautiful home for your family. You are a very talented lady! Lesa


Your staircase turned out beautiful! I'm completely jealous! Nice job!~Angela


I really like how you painted your stair treads. That's a good idea for those of us who have carpet and want to remove it for a more decorative look. I really like the way you distressed your posts at the foot of your stairs too.


I have been pondering for awhile about ripping the carpet off of my stairs and \”going at it\”. I know that it will be a large task but I think you have officially made my mind up 🙂 I'm going to have stairs like that….if its the last think I do!!!


Like usual I love everything you do, but I'm sort of mad. About 3 years ago I tossed that very same stairway basket because it was sort of beat up and split. Now there it is all cute and painted on your stairway and our junk just sits on a stair tread now. ~Bliss~

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living

I like your \”today\” staircase best. I have a question for you. How do you keep your white risers so white? My stairs are chocolate brown with white risers and I have a heckuva time keeping scuff marks off the white risers.


What a fun post watching the transforms of these stairwells. I adore the last look and my hubby is asking me to do this, but it's a ton of painting that might take some time…as you know.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic

How fun to see the different styles you have had over the years. I love the latest one, with the distressed posts and the added accessories you have added. I love every thing you do!I am following you on linky now, too!~Shanon


Love the staircase! I'm your newest Linky Follower and I would love a follow back.

Katie @ Wildwood Creek

Love the newest version of your stairs and the checkerboard floor!


I sure enjoyed all the photos. The now look of the staircase is my favorite. The worn vintage feel fits right in. I had to laugh at the children's sayings. My son said words (incorrectly) as a child and that is still how we say them today. Great memories.


It's me again! okay love your new header! Way cute.


Don't you just love changing things, paint is so wonderful. I would love to stain my stair railings dark walnut but the hubby won't let me-YET!! ha ha ha.and that changing table below this post is to die for.. what a lucky little baby girl.. great job love it!