Funky Staircase

I want to share with you some pictures of my many funky phases of our staircase in the 6 years we’ve lived in this house.
First – it was this:
This was actually after I painted the railings and top caps of the posts black. They were originally oak.
Then I saw a picture in a magazine that had tile on the risers.  I loved the black and white pattern but what a lot of work.
 I had just purchased a Cricut at the time so I used that…. to do this:
Be Grateful, Be Strong, Be Kind and Love One Another….
(hoping to send a reminder to my kids but they couldn’t read cursive)
I know it’s kind of funky but I loved it for a little while.

Off went the white diamonds on black….it was too busy.
The walls at this time were Rust by Ben Moore.
The next two pictures are not in my home.  One of my clients hired me to do this a few years ago.
I had to share because it’s sweet.
You are wondering what this says…
On the back staircase leading to a home office we applied vinyl words.
The mom chose words that her kids would say when they were little.
You can’t help but giggle when you read them.
It’s a cute way to hold on to sweet memories.

(she did a great job hanging her photo collage)

This is the front staircase in that same house.
NOW my stairs look like this…
Painted ebony with a crisp white riser. 

Stairs can be a way to show off your style by adding your own unique touch.
In most two story homes – staircases are a huge focal point.
Make them pretty.