Let’s Talk Doors…

When I take my kids to school I drive by this door on a garage in my neighborhood ….
This post is about using doors in creative ways.

don’t mind my silly reflection…

I want it

I have a love for old doors. They add so much charm to a new space.

So – let’s talk about doors.

Changing out a door to the
Basement, Pantry, Office, Laundry Room or even an Entry Coat Closet
is simple and it creates a whole new feel to that room and the area around it.

Here are a few examples of what I am talking about:

This is the twin sister door to my basement door (you’ll see later).
I put this fabulous junk find on an entrance to a finished basement in my friends home:

(this is my photographer friend so she has a funky cool lens to her awesome camera)
The hardware does not match the rest of the house.
  This is a simple screen door latch system.

The different style door knob makes the door even more authentic and unique.
(and it’s pretty easy to install – well, this one wasn’t but….. :-/ )
Once I put a screen door in between my kitchen and my dining room/craft room:
 I’ve had this screen door for a long time and these days it’s
 on my front door in a spice color 🙂
I liked the red accent it gave my kitchen at the time plus it
closed off the messy craft room.

This next photo was not originally taken to show the basement door so that’s why it’s all off center.

One of the first things I did in this house was take off the 6 panel door
 to the basement.
I  installed this new interior french door. (Yes! Me…all by myself)
The basement is a finished living space.
This french door provides a more inviting entrance to the playroom down below.
(the vintage garden gates to the left are cool too… I found those in VT one year)

A Pantry Door Makeover:

The owner of this house did not want to see inside the pantry.
So I painted the door a fun color and painted a large piece of hardboard with chalk paint and glued it onto the six panel door. Then I added trim around it. It now makes for a good family message center.
The other doors in this home are white so the red makes this look all customized.
My Basement Door

This is my basement door.  It sits right in the middle of our main living area.
It adds a lot more charm to our newer style home than a solid white door.

On this door I wanted the hardware to match the older style door more than I wanted the hardware to match with the other doors in my house.  I chose something really easy to install and something unique.

I didn’t bother routing out the door hinges – nobody sees that.
My Front Entry Door

I switched out our steel 6 panel front door for this solid wood single french,
adding light and curb appeal.
(For main entry doors – I suggest that you bulk up your molding.
It’s such an easy upgrade that really dresses up the foyer.)

If you aren’t able to find an old chippy door or if that isn’t your style,
the interior french doors are available at home centers for
around $130 unfinished.
You can do whatever finish you like on it – even make it look old :).

Using just one charming door in a very special place makes a big statement.
More isn’t necessarily better in this case.

happy door hunting

to see other ways I use old doors CLICK HERE
and HERE

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You love doors, don’t you? You have good collection of doors and its pretty amazing! Hope you consider us in your next project.MattWindow Planet for Superior Quality Windows and Doors in Toronto

I just saw your basement door over at How to Nest For Less and I am smitten… through and through. So I am desperately trying to figure out how to incorporate something like this into our home… first place to start. Coat closet in the living room right next to the front door…. with sheers to hid the mess inside. LOVE, Love, love it!

Where did you purchase your front door?

I absolutely love it! I am your newest follower 🙂

On the pantry door, what do you mean \”hardboard\”? Did you have to hollow it out to attach it?

Love your doors and your inspiration door! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

What fabulous doors! Luv them!Thank you for sharing this wonderful post at Potpourri Friday!

I am a serious door lover and this post was right up my alley! Love all the interesting ideas and the doors themselves! Thank you for sharing!

I will link your famous basement door on my blog on Monday. I love that you build furniture.http://katietreasures.blogspot.com/

The first door is absolutely stunning! What is it about chippy paint that makes it so pleasing to the eye? I love the rest of the doors too. Each one adds its own special charm. Just curious, do you encounter problems fitting the doors in doorways that might not be totally square?

Love those beautifully aged doors! Very eye-catching and definitely make a statement!

I agree with Laurie…the door to your basement made my heart skip a beat!Thanks for sharing!

Loved this post, Holly! I've got a thing for old doors, too – so I was swooning over your basement door! 🙂 xoxo laurie

Great post, and I agree it's divine! Love the color and the wonderful glass knob!

I adore old doors. Your's are wonderful. I also love a door with a lot of patina showing it's character.Very fun post!I'm visiting from LaurieAnna's Vintage Farmhouse blog.

Love old doors!… the more patina the better :)Greetings from Australia♥

Holly thanx for coming to the party! You already know I LOVE this post and guess what!? I took your advice and went to get that darn door and it SOLD!! It sat there for months taunting me.

Now that is an Eye opening post…. until Blogging & Pinterest, I would have Never thought of changing doors like that~ Thanks for sharing~Cheryl

Who's that knockin' at your door… who's that ringin'your bell???Love the door post. Cool doors…Thanx for sharing, Tiffany

You are now my go-to gal for everything door. Those are awesome in your home. When I stop to visit blogs I usually like to pick a favorite item in the post, but I can't pick my favorite door.Going to read more……~Bliss~

Loooove your doors! The one to the basement is my favorite. Like you, I have a newer home so it's fun to use fabulous old doors to bring in character. This is an inspiring post!Mary Alice

LOVE yoar doors. I think it adds so much character and personality! I am going to keep an eye out for some that will work in my home :)Lou CindaNew follower!

Love your style the old doors are fabulous!!!!

Yep, this is my dream door project for our foyer closet door! I have my eye on a door at the cottage but I don't want to pay the $55 for it cause well I am cheap!;) It needs lots of love. I may just have to break down and get it though….

LOVE the shabby doors. the basement door is my fave!!Wish I had some way to do that fun idea in my house.oh here comes the green giant, envy, again. =)blessingsbarbara jean

LOVE that first door! I've been on the hunt for the perfect chippy blue door to add anywhere in my house but haven't had any luck. Old doors add so much to a room. The door you have to the basement is gorgeous.

You do have some fabulous and whimsical doors.

I love your basement door with the curtain behind it. I want something like that for our pantry, but of course we JUST put in a new 6 panel last winter before I got all of my creative juices flowing 😉 Maybe I'll go measure it and see if it would fit in another doorway that hasn't been updated yet…..

It still amazes me everytime I have a \”why didn't I think of that?\” moment when reading blogs. It truly makes your wheels spin to see inspiring projects. I never thought about my basement door. But it would add so much to my boring hallway if I did something about it. Maxwellhouseinteriors.Blogspot.Com

Your basement door is how I found your blog. I was on pinterest and I fell in love with the door. Great door ideas, I would love to change a few in my home.