Music Room

Our room for music and relaxing…

My husband made these speaker stands out of tree stumps and scrap wood.
I made this burlap two tone knot cloth for the stereo console.
(I do not like to dust)

An old bird cage filled with seasonal pine cones and greenery holds our firewood.

Our home was new when we purchased it 6 years ago.  I added a bit of old charm on the banister by painting and distressing it to look old and worn.

The music room is right off of our foyer.
  Our home is north facing, so to let some light into the front of our living space I exchanged the 6 panel steel door for a 15 lite wooden door.

Then I stained it a dark walnut color and bulked up the trim molding in white.

We love having a music room and good sound.
I don’t like the look of electronics, but this room provides a good balance
 of sound equipment and tasteful decor.
Enjoy where you live…


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I had the SAME question!! What are the curtains?! Did you make them? What's the fabric?! I LOOOOOVE your home!!!

Love the curtains. Where did you find them?

Love it all, but those tree stump stands are my fav! Mr. Bliss would so make something like that, so now I'm looking around to see where I need one or two. Gives a new meaning to tree stands.~Bliss~

O.K. So I'm crazy about your home! But I have a question…How's that slipcover work on your sofa? Are you constantly having to fix it? I've got two boys and I consider doing that, but I always wonder if it would be a headache!

Your room is beautiful! You have created such a wonderful space.Hugs,Sherry

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your home is beautiful and looks so warm, cozy, and inviting all of the things that everyone tries to accomplish. Samara

i love it. it all looks so beautiful xxx

Shanon – it is cloth. That isn't our main sofa where we watch movies. I plan to get real white slips soon but they are $$$$ :)Holly

Great idea! I love that your husband made those and with wood stumps, perfect!I see you have a cover on your couch. Is it the Pottery Barn ones? I have the same and they come off all the time! It is a leather couch so it just slips away. Do they work well on yours? I am assuming it is cloth under the slipcovers. They look great!~Shanon

K Kim – your new picture is so freakin' cute… good hair! thanks! We are lovin' that room.Holly

Such a cute room.