Holiday Curb Appeal

The Christmas decorating begins.
I love to come home to a lit up house.  It’s so welcoming. I couldn’t wait to get the candles in the windows….
but the windows were not ready for the candles.  My windows had about 6 years of grime on them. I’m embarrassed.
I washed my windows inside and out……just the front side of the house. (all day)
I remove the screens in the winter time so the sun comes nice and bright through the windows.
This also makes the windows look brighter from the curb.  This is a great tip if your home is going on the market.  It’s a good way to boost curb appeal.

(mine isn’t on the market – I just like the look)
This is what they look like with the screens-
Without a screen:

I spruced up the window boxes with clippings from my yard and added a little star in each.
I love my old sleigh.  This year I added our house number to it in white.  Our UPS guy will be happy about that.

A few other little accents:

Enhance the view of your home with nice bright windows and window boxes.  Gather items around your home and use them in an unexpected way this year.
Happy Decorating!
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