Looking Holiday Here

I brought out my “anorexic”  artificial tree this week to display my
 homemade ornaments for viewers.
The shape of this tree is goofy, I know.  I fell in love with it at a department store many years ago.  I like it because it takes up very little space.

Our family tree is coming soon.  My family is still holding “votes” as to which day to decorate it (we make it a little party type celebration with the four of us).  The problem is that we have an even number of people in our family and nobody will budge on their vote so the results never change…..
We need Sadie’s vote to tip it one way or the other……
aaah…..I don’t think so!
The decorating begins
an earth inspired tree…
I went with artificial trees many years ago for two reasons:
 1– I had a huge real tree topple over once because it was shaped off center. The sap and dirty water clean up was horrible.
(I was on the phone with my sister when it happened and the story gets better every year)

2– I have a hard time seeing all the discarded Christmas trees on the curbs in January waiting for garbage pick up.  I thought I was being “earth friendly” by going artificial but the artificial trees aren’t biodegradable.
I just won’t throw them away!

holiday decor moving into the family room a little bit
Happy Holiday Decorating!
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Love your blog and, of course, Sadie!Happy Christmas,Linda at Beautiful Ideas


Love your mantel! You have such a beautiful home!


your home is just beautiful! love the numbers, bh, and wreath:)


Love your holiday decorating – and that tree! I use artificial too – and never throw them away. You can always make it look good with enough decorations! Love the jars on the mantel!